Adele Brady Bolson began her CPA practice in 1979.  In 2000, after two decades of helping her clients with tax and accounting matters, she became convinced that the financial services industry was failing her clients, and that she could offer her clients real help with financial investment matters.  Legally precluded from offering specific investment advice without a license as a registered investment adviser, she added that license and credential to her business.

At the end of 2013, Adele transferred her remaining interest in the CPA firm of Adele Brady Bolson CPA PS to Amanda Chang, CPA.  Amanda Chang had worked with Adele since 2001, becoming a shareholder in 2008.  Amanda continues to provide tax and accounting services to the public as Adele Brady Bolson CPA PS, but Adele has no ownership interest in that firm.  Although Adele no longer provides tax and accounting services, she maintains her CPA license and Sound Sense Money Management LLC is a licensed CPA firm.  Sound Sense Money Management LLC is wholly owned by Adele, and focuses only on investment advisory services and related advising on personal financial matters.

As a CPA firm, I provide uniquely distinguishing value to clients over sales-focused financial advisors.  CPAs have long taken pride in bringing objectivity and independence to our professional services.  It is my mission as Sound Sense Money Management LLC to help my clients identify and achieve their personal economic goals.  I maintain a high level of professional competence through continuing education, provide my services in a timely manner, and charge fair fees.  I have experience and knowledge in working with trust and estate administration as well as with individuals.

I believe I am very good at what I do.  As importantly, I truly care about my clients, operating with my clients’ best interests as my only concern.
For more information about our practice, see our page on licenses, and particularly refer to and read our ADV 2 firm brochure (see the License/Legal page.)