We provide advice on a variety of personal financial planning issues, including cash flow planning, risk management, retirement planning, investment planning, estate, gift, and wealth transfer planning, elder planning, charitable planning, education planning, debt management, planning for major purchases, and tax planning. We do not report on financial statements or prepare income tax returns as paid preparers; the firm of Adele Brady Bolson CPA PS does that.

We provide advice on our clients' self-managed investments. This may be investments in employer 401(k) plans, where the clients are choosing among investment options offered by the employer, or may be investments in IRAs or non-retirement accounts in brokerage accounts over which we have no authority.

We also provide investment management and supervision. In order to manage and supervise client investments, the investments would be held in a client account at Schwab Institutional, listing us as investment advisers on the account(s).



At Sound Sense Money Management LLC we serve individual clients, advising them in all aspects of their economic lives. We are no longer accepting new clients.