We learn a great deal about our clients in the course of our work. Sound Sense Money Management LLC does not disclose any information about our clients whatsoever without their express permission or as required by law.

We share office space, support personnel, and other resources with the firm of Adele Brady Bolson CPA PS, a firm in which Adele Brady Bolson previously had an ownership interest, and is now owned and operated by Amanda Chang, CPA. Therefore, personnel of Adele Brady Bolson CPA PS will have access to private information about our clients. They are bound contractually by this privacy policy.

We never sell client lists or other information about our clients to third parties. When referring our clients to the services of others, we provide our clients with the names of the other vendors, and do not provide client names or contact information to vendors.

In our marketing efforts, we do not disclose the names or identities of other clients, or use client testimonials. For that reason, we're not able to provide client names as references.

The SEC or Washington Department of Financial Institutions has the right to inspect our records with respect to our investment advisory practice.

We do not use any subcontractors, foreign or domestic, to do any professional work or provide support services to our firm or our clients. It is possible that in order to resolve a software problem, we may share data files with our software publishers.

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us.